On a very wet, windy,cold day I went to mass to receive the ashes which is a reminder of our mortality.

“From dust thou came and to dust thou shalt return,” was the phrase often used by the priest, however, these days, like today the priest said, “Repent and believe in the Gospel.”

Now forty days of prayer, fasting and Alms giving are high on the agenda. For many people Lent, the Anglo Saxon word for those forty days before Easter or La Careme in French, is an opportunity for people to give up such things as alcohol or sweets. In previous times the money that would be saved on whatever was given up was then given to charity. I normally give up chocolate and desserts ease my conscience by being determined to do something that will benefit others. However, as I am going to Paris on Sunday for half term it may be a little difficult!


On behalf of Solihull Widney U3A can I thank you for your excellent talk yesterday. Those present certainly enjoyed your novel approach.

Bob, Solihull Widney U3A

Excellent!  Really good!

Earl, on Napoleon