Remembrance Day. “Lest we forget.”

So many emotions today. A mixture of emotions, sorrow, anguish yet also and I have to be honest, anger when I think of such a tragic waste of life. We must always remember, commemorate all those that died, many of them so young for their supreme sacrifice however we must always be vigilant and work … Continue reading Remembrance Day. “Lest we forget.”

Napoleon is back!

Bonjour mes amis, Just returned from a delightful morning at Coleshill Town Hall where I had been invited to perform "Napoleon" for the University of the Third Age. There was a large lively audience and Napoleon was warmly welcomed, there was much laughter and banter and great fun as one the U3A members played Josephine! … Continue reading Napoleon is back!

Summer news!

Lest we forget today August the 6th is the anniversary of the first atomic bomb being used. The bomb was dropped by the crew of the Enola Gay of the United States Air Force on the Japanese City of Hiroshima 1945 with devastating and long term horrific circumstances. In 1984 I wrote my award winning … Continue reading Summer news!