The tragedy Passchendaele

On the 31st July 1917 at 3.30am as dawn broke over the medieval town of Ypres a bloody battle unleashed that would last three months till 10th of November and leave over half a million of soldiers dead, injured or missing. Hades visited earth for those months as the senseless slaughter continued. The allies objective, who consisted of British, French, Canadian and Australian forces, was to reach the German U Boat pens on the coast which they eventually did but at a great price.

Now theses fields of Flanders are free from the gunfire and screams of dying men, the grass has returned to gentle meadows and peace is restored. However, as the bugle is mournfully played every sunset we must remember those mainly young men from ALL sides whether they were British, French, Canadian, Australian or German, whose lives were violently stolen from them. Those that never returned to their towns and villages whether is be the shires of England, the provinces of France or the villages of Bavaria never knew what it was like to love, to marry, to live a full God given life.

When I play the role of Lieutenant Colonel Walters in my show about the First World War I highlight the drastic and tragic waste that took place and the desperate but necessary struggle for PEACE! Our common brother and sisterhood should stretch beyond borders, language and cultural. Lest we forget it will happen again! God bless them all and may they rest in peace.


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