Napoleon goes back to school.

Ah mes amis, Ca va?

I read with interest Kim Wilsher’s article in Sunday’s « Observer » entitled,

“Cruel despot or wise reformer? Napoleon’s two faces go on view!

Soon a huge art exhibition will open in the Musée des Beaux Arts, Arras, France to convince people that I was more a statesman than a war monger! This has been set up to educate mainly children and young people that I had a “stunning history.”

Kim describes me as a “Young, well read and highly intelligent Frenchman who comes to power after defeating an ultra right wing group. Has ambitious plans to reform France and place his country at the heart of a unified Europe.”

Kim goes on to say that British historian Andrew Roberts states that this description could fit Emmanuel Macron as well as me!! But we know who is the most intelligent don’t we? This is why Monsieur Macron must know that I am here “exiled” in Birmingham.  That is why I must go to Arras!

Due to his news I have decided to set up a new campaign but it is not going to be a military campaign in Austerlitz or in Borodino but to march to places of education with my one man show to show the good people of these isles and beyond who Napoleon really was.

Frederic Lacaille organiser of the exhibition, said,

“France is a little out of love with Napoleon at the moment but it won’t last”.

I say, “You’re right, Fred, you are right. It won’t last. Je reviendrai!”

It is not just the children of France that need to know but of England, of Europe, the world!!

If you are connected with education in anyway, formal or informal, academic or social contact me via my website and I shall come and educate in a memorable entertaining way! Book now!




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