Give us this day, our daily bread.

Blessing of Bread

I came downstairs to start the day and make breakfast.  I took the bread and the croissants  out of the wooden bread bin.  There was white bread, brown bread, sliced and un-sliced, croissants, ones with currents in too as well as a couple of doughnuts.  I bowed my head and said a prayer as I blessed the bread and croissants. I bless the bread every morning but today the blessing was carried out with deeper praise as I almost trembled with thanksgiving. I thanked the farmers, the lorry drivers, the various people who stack the shelves and work as cashiers in the supermarkets. I felt humbled and grateful and once more I realised how fragile and vulnerable we all are. Let’s give thanks and praise!

(The picture above is the blessing of bread on St Blase day.)

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