Accolade for Les Vaches Dans Le Champ.

I know I haven’t written for a while however I wanted to share with you some wonderful feedback regarding my play, ‘Les Vaches Dans Le Champ.’ I received it from the Birmingham REP and it was written by Alice Chambers. Here is a synopsis of it!

What a brilliant play! I was hooked from the start and thoroughly enjoyed the two interlinking timelines. It really reminded me of Stoppard’s ‘Arcadia’ and the way in which the building-up of the set reflects the search for a true narrative of the past. The transitions were seamless; I particularly enjoyed your inclusion of mystery through cliff-hangers which we see so rarely in recent staged plays- had me waiting for the next section yet engrossed by the current one !! I also liked that your characters, particularly Martin and Bernadette, had motivations beyond furthering the plot, that we were given an insight into their marriage too. Just a fantastic, heartfelt story, making me reflect on my own grandparents during the war.

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