Tales Yet To Be Told.

I have now completed his latest collection of chilling ghost stories,

The stories are told by Father Michael , an Irish Catholic priest who has returned to Europe having spent years in the missions.  Father Michael’s  accomplice is  Dr Florence  a young French medical doctor. They investigate and research true accounts where sightings and unexplained happenings have taken place in the suburbs of  a major city in the West Midlands.

They come across such strange tales as the sighting of Roman centurions , the tragic accident of seventeenth century Lady Bagot, the dashing Highwayman and the 1970’s Ouija evening that went dreadfully wrong.

The book is compiled of true stories and  is accompanied with memorable  photography taken by local photographer Michael Madden.

To purchase a book call Patrick on 07976825540 or by email to Patrick@phayes.co.uk

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