BBC Radio Four this morning and how depressing the news is!

The war in Ukraine.

How bodies of soldiers are being left abandoned and how the Russians don’t bother to claim them. There are many in cold storage waiting to be taken back to the ‘Motherland.’ The reporter told of a solitary Russian soldier who has been left in a village somewhere. I thought, he was a young man, has a mother somewhere and now taken from her in a senseless war. His life like so many has been robbed because of the cruelty of psychotic men like Putin.  The image of him lying there stayed with me.

Then there was the report of the awful massacre in a primary school in Texas.

19 children slaughtered and two teachers too. Apparently it was an 18 year old who did it and was then shot dead by the police. What is going on!!! I can only imagine what the parents must be going through, I think God would find it difficult to console them. Despite this and all the previous shootings and killings the Senate refuse to change the gun laws because they are frightened of losing power!

There was a report on the decline of butterflies

This will affect us all. Human beings are blind, selfish, ignorant and walk towards environmental disaster!

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