The tragedy of Oradour.

Today the 10th of June sees the anniversary of the massacre of Oradour Sur Glane, A French town in south west France. On this day 1944 the Nazis committed a vile atrocity where they destroyed the town and murdered all the men, women and children. For those who follow my blog I am deeply involved in the tragic account of Oradour. I have given presentations and also have written a stage play, ‘All My Pretty Ones.’ We had a wonderful rehearsed reading in March and now the next step after a re-write is to seek full production. I ask you today to spare a thought, a prayer for the cruel loss of so many innocent lives and join me with the constant battle against such evil.

The ruins of Oradour Sur Glane after the massacre had taken place.
Scene from rehearsed reading of, ‘All My Pretty Ones,’ March 26th Woodman Pub, Birmingham UK.

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