Cider and Flowers.

On 3rd August 1944, the Battle of Mauron, Brittany, France took place. Four young men died killed by the Nazis. And this event, these young men, have become the subject of my play, ‘Le cidre et les fleurs,’ (The cider and the flowers.) As I write the play, carry out research, the anniversary of their passing has become particularly poignant for me.  So on Wednesday 3rd August, I shall be thinking of Captain Charles Roodman, Private Andrew Brugger, Private James Coleman and Vital Percebois – a young French man – who also died on that fateful day.  I am working towards production so that their story can unfold and be told.

The monument just outside the town of Mauron, Brittany, France. It was near this place that the four young men were ambushed by the Nazis and killed.

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