Napoleon takes time off from the World Cup!

Napoleon took time off from the World Cup today to visit the Abbey Catholic Primary School for their "Jour de Francais." The great emperor entertained the Year 6 children with tales of heroism, his awe of the pyramids, his disaster in Russia, the drama of Waterloo and his spiritual experiences on Saint Helena. The day … Continue reading Napoleon takes time off from the World Cup!


Oradour Sur Glane

"Lest we forget."  Souviens- toi!  Seventy years ago today in a sleepy, quiet town called Oradour Sue Glane tucked away in the calm countryside of south west France a terrible tragedy was about to unfold.  It was a Saturday morning and school would finish early that day. The hotel was looking forward to guests arriving … Continue reading Oradour Sur Glane

Friday 13th!

Friday 13th has always been seen as unlucky. Its roots come from the fact that there were thirteen people present at Our Lord's Last Supper and Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Consequently it has always been seen as inviting 13 to dinner as bad luck. Likewise there are many roads that do not have the … Continue reading Friday 13th!