Ash Wednesday Le jour des cendres.

On a very wet, windy,cold day I went to mass to receive the ashes which is a reminder of our mortality. "From dust thou came and to dust thou shalt return," was the phrase often used by the priest, however, these days, like today the priest said, "Repent and believe in the Gospel." Now forty … Continue reading Ash Wednesday Le jour des cendres.


La Chandeleur Candlemas Day.

Today is the last day of Christmas! I know it's hard to believe but the season of Christmas lasts forty days and forty nights. Why is it called Candlemas Day or La Chandeleur in France? Traditionally in the liturgical calendar this is the day when Our Lord, Jesus, as the first new born male was … Continue reading La Chandeleur Candlemas Day.

All Saints

Father Martin had a good pre All Saints Eve weekend with two performances one in a Polish cafe the other in a Victorian cellar! He also made a promotional film so watch this space! Tomorrow is All Saints Day so let us think about our loved ones that have gone before us. I know that … Continue reading All Saints