Tales Yet To Be Told

Patrick Hayes author and playwright has completed his latest collection of chilling ghost stories,

 ‘Tales yet  to be Told,’ which is now published by Brewin Books UK.

The stories are told by Father Michael , an Irish Catholic priest who has returned to Europe having spent years in the missions.  Father Michael’s  accomplice is  Dr Florence  a young French medical doctor. They investigate and research true accounts where sightings and unexplained happenings have taken place in the suburbs of  a major city in the West Midlands.

They come across such strange tales as the sighting of Roman centurions , the tragic incident of the Edwardian suffragette, the dashing Highwayman and the 1970’s Ouija evening that went dreadfully wrong.

The book is compiled of true stories and  is accompanied with memorable  photography taken by local photographer Michael Madden.

To purchase a book call Patrick on 07976825540 or by email to

  • Publisher: Brewin Books (October 2021)
  • Language English
  • ISBN 978-1-85858-734-9

This is a must–have book for all ghost hunters and those genuinely interested in the paranormal. In Tales Yet to be told Patrick B Hayes has invented a fictional character to rival Father Brown and Maigret. For ever stumbling upon real actual cases of ghost sighting from across the Midlands area.

Written with great panache and humour this recommended for all who seek a rollicking good read. Just don’t make it too late at night !

Simon Grenville

onemornmaycovOne Morning in May

A young girl from a remote hamlet in Warwickshire dies under mysterious circumstances and to this day has never been solved. Yet English law was changed forever and still journalists, policemen, amateur sleuths today try to find an answer to the mysterious death of Mary Ashford.

well-meet-again-covWe’ll Meet Again

“We’ll Meet Again” is a collection of reminiscences and photographs from the Second World War. However, it is more than a collection of memories. It is a treasure house of history. A history that is brought to life in all its richness and diversity. It is a true account of those that were there, the young men and women of the day who experienced the most momentous episode of modern history, THE SECOND WORLD WAR. The tragedy of war, mitigated by everyone “Pulling together” the dances and the humour can all be found in “We’ll Meet Again”.

ghostsutcovGhost Stories of Sutton Coldfield

Patrick Hayes has followed up his first book of ghostly encounters (Ghost Stories of Erdington) with another collection of eye witness accounts, this time from the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

Stories range from Roman Centurions in the park to ghostly visitors to the ‘Three Tuns’, a must for those interested in the metaphysical. Illustrated with line drawings and photographs.

ghosterdcovGhost Stories of Erdington

Patrick Hayes writes about the many tales of the supernatural which relate to Erdington that boasts the highest ghost population in the country!. Stories include the enigmatic, “House of Thirteen Gables,”  and the ghost of Lady BAgot as well as the Edwardian suicide victim and the visitation of the Polish pilot.

Why not book Patrick to come and give a powerpoint presentation and/or story telling based on his books entitled “An evening with Father Martin.” You may be scared but you won’t regret it!