Current Writing Projects

Les Vaches Dans Le Champ (The Cows in the Field)

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Patrick’s play is a bilingual piece set in Brittany, France and deals with the theme of WW2 in an innovative and fresh way. A middle aged couple, Bernie and Martin arrive on holiday in St Germain a village in rural Brittany. Away from kids, work and life in a big city they soon settle in and make friends with Marie the elderly, friendly neighbour.

However, strange inexplicable events begin to take place and the audience are taken back to occupied France that is gripped by fear and mistrust due to the Nazi occupation. The story unfolds of two young sisters, Marie Therese and Colette who harbour a young, injured RAF pilot, Jamie Francis. It is paramount that Jamie gets vital information back to England before the D-D landings. The tension mounts as the search for him increases, a spying informer and the desperate need for escape as time moves on and D-day approaches. We also have a frightening look into the two sisters’ lives and the sometimes dreadful consequences of being under the yoke of Nazi rule and how their lives are changed for ever with the encounter of Jamie.

We also explore the link with Martin’s  obsession to discover the full truth behind what took place in the house all those years ago and how the obsession affects his relationship with Bernie.

Les Vaches Dans Le Champ is a mixture of suspense, intrigue, humour with a supernatural edge, that informs, entertains but above all is thought provoking and memorable.

Oradour sur Glane – All My Pretty Ones.

The 10th of June was a warm sunny day and the residents of Oradour sur Glane, a sleepy, quiet village tucked away in the calm countryside of south west France were enjoying their Saturday morning. School would finish early, the hotel was looking forward to guests arriving for the fishing and Saturday also meant the collection of the tobacco ration by local farmers.

On the radio only a few days earlier there was relief and even joy at the news that the allies had landed in Normandy several hundred miles away to the north. Surely liberation from years of Nazi tyranny was at hand.

Little did they know that by sunset their village would be destroyed, left in ruins and nearly all of its inhabitants would lie dead after the feared SS from the Das Reich regiment had murdered every man, woman and child they could find. It was to be France’s worst civilian atrocity during the Second World War.

The reason for the appalling destruction has never come to light.

There are several theories which are explored, a kidnapped SS Officer, Nazi gold, mistaken identity? This is explored in Patrick’s latest play, ‘All My Pretty Ones,’ where three young cyclists on holiday in France come across the horrific account.  They stumble across a B and B of Monsieur Bernard and after discovering the diary of a young girl who lived there during the war the adventure begins and their lives are changed forever.

Tales Yet to Be told! 

Patrick  has completed his new book of ghost stories which is based on ture accounts of the supernatural in north Birmingham.  The narrators, Father Michael and Dr Florence have teamed up as intrepid investigators of the unknown! Some of the tales include the phantom Roman soldiers, the distressed lover and the restless Lady Bagot of the House of Thirteen Gables.  These fascinating tales will be with you soon!