Television & Film

Patrick has written several television and film scripts including:

  • ONE MORNING IN MAY. A full-length feature film based on the true story of the Mary Ashford Mystery based on his published book of the same title.  The mystery still intigues and baffles those who encounter it, over 200 years after the event.
  • A Fatal Echo based on the bizarre hauntings of a highwayman based from his collection of ghostly tales, “Ghost Stories of Sutton Coldfield.”
  • HARRIET : Patrick has co-written and produced a film entitled HARRIET,  an Edwardian girl who meets modern day school student, Brendan. It was screened at film festivals in the U.K. and Europe. Harriet is a ghost story with an unusual twist and was filmed in Birmingham.
  • THE SHUTDOWN : is a three part TV series which examines the decline of British industry during the 1970’s through the lens of workers and students at a Birmingham tyre factory. Sometimes humorous, sometimes heart rendering but always memorable.
  • FACTORY FLOORS AND LOCKER DOORS : which tackles the thorny issue of pornography. A teenage sister and older brother are the voices in this short but provocative film and was part of the, STORY SO FAR FILM FESTIVAL
  • NOT JUST PRETTY FACES : a comedy about a pub quiz. NOT JUST PRETTY FACES was revived as a stage play for THE NEW BIRMINGHAM THEATRE and was described in THE STAGE as “….With a first performance of this breezy and robust comedy NBT serves up the fresh cooked ham, keeping the pace fast and adding some enjoyable comic business.”

Patrick has acted in the following films:

  • Digby Wisp (Early Doors productions) German at séance
  • Seeing Red. (Nick Wass/Colin Hasting Productions.) Victimised cockney shopkeeper
  • One night in Moscow. (Shoestring productions.) Mad Russian scientist
  • They cast no shadow. (Early Doors productions) Paranoid husband
  • Missing. (Early Doors productions.) Brummie shopkeeper
  • A fatal echo. (Find the light productions.) Ron, allotment keeper
  • Missing. (Edge of Light Productions) Shopkeeper
  • Len and Roy. (Edge of Light productions) Len the caretaker