• LES VACHES DANS LE CHAMP. (2012)  Please click here for EXCITING FEBRUARY 2019 PRODUCTION NEWS!! A middle aged couple, Bernie and Martin, spend their first holiday together without the children to rural Brittany where they stay in an old charming stone cottage. They soon settle in and make friends with their elderly French neighbour, Marie. However, strange things begin to take place, such as the discovery of a mysterious music box in the barn which seems to have links with the house’s past. The action then takes us to the cottage during the Second World War where two sisters, Colette and Marie Therese live under Nazi occupation. Their lives are disrupted when a wounded RAF pilot appears at the door. The action alternates between the 1940’s and the present day as Trevor begins a journey where he is determined to find an answer to what took place in the house and the consequences that are still unresolved.
  • NOT JUST PRETTY FACES (1996): (Stage version) Comedy about the lengths people will go to secure prizes at pub quizzes performed by the New Birmingham Theatre Company.
  • TED AND JASS (1994): was part of the Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival. The story revolving around a young Irish Brummie teacher who falls in love with an Asian lawyer. It had a rehearsed reading at the Library Theatre Birmingham.
  • LIPSTICK ON THE CHALICE (1993): was written in support of female emancipation for the Anglican priesthood and was warmly received by aspiring women priests!
  • WHISPER IN THE WINGS (1989.): As a member of a team of four Patrick wrote a section for the Birmingham Youth Show: A romance in wartime England which was performed at the Birmingham Rep.
  • BREAK THE SPELL (1987-9): was to prove Patrick’s most ambitious project. A true story, it re-told the events of the chilling and disturbing Erdington murder mystery of Mary Ashford. Described as, “Frightening and fascinating,” by the Birmingham Evening Mail it was performed at the M.A.C. and Coventry Belgrade Studio as well as a plethora of community venues. The story was also subject of Central T.V.’s CRIMESTALKER, being narrated by John Stalker.
  • THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT (1987): was the next written piece, a comprehensive examination of the plight of homelessness. The story revolves round five young homeless Brummies who are thrown in the same abject arena as Jack Duggan, a down and out but one time famous Gaelic football star. Due to its popularity it was revived on several occasions and played to full houses at venues throughout Birmingham.
  • ANGIE (1985): BUCKETS OF SUNSHINE was followed by ANGIE, (1985), which was written specially for the Sutton College Youth Theatre and gave a harrowing insight into the world of drug abuse.
  • BUCKETS OF SUNSHINE (1984): A move back to Birmingham proved productive with the award winning BUCKETS OF SUNSHINE (1984). A mixture of 1940’s nostalgia and the horror of the first nuclear holocaust, is the theme for this tragic story. Seen through the eyes of one that was there, the Enola Gay’s catholic chaplain, Father George Zabelka, the play was described as, “Gripping,” by the Birmingham Evening Mail, it went on to scoop best play, best actor and best actress awards at the Birmingham F.A.M.E. festival.
  • YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, (1983): Patrick’s first play was written during his teacher’s training course. Entitled YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED, (1983) it dealt with the true incident of teenage suicide. It played in London before coming to the Midlands where it won an award for the best original script in a Birmingham theatre festival.