Le Quatorze de Juillet. Bastille Day!

Let’s celebrate! The French national holiday of Bastille Day—celebrated each year on July 14, or le quatorze juillet - takes place on Wednesday.   As Covid restrictions are being lifted, we are looking forward to enjoying some social and emotional freedom. To mark the day, we shall show again the 2020 Napoleon video celebrating Bastille Day. … Continue reading Le Quatorze de Juillet. Bastille Day!

One Morning in May

May 26, 2021Edit May 27th sees the anniversary of Mary Ashford who died under mysterious circumstances in rural Warwickshire in 1817. The mystery has intrigued, baffled historians, writers and detectives for over 200 years. My book, ‘One Morning in May’ brings the case afresh seen through the eyes of Father Martin and Anglican priest who … Continue reading One Morning in May

Tales yet to be told

Tales Yet to be Told.  Sutton Coldfield Amnesty International Group is producing an event - Voices for Change – on Friday 30th April 8.00pm an entertaining and thought-provoking evening of storytelling, poetry and music. A stellar line-up is planned including Birmingham Poet Laureate Casey Bailey and playwright, author and actor Patrick Hayes At ‘Voices for change’, … Continue reading Tales yet to be told