Prayers for deal between UK and EU

Today sees a meeting between Boris Johnson and Ursula Von de Leyen from the EU take place in Brussels. Whatever our particular persuasion I firmly believe that an agreement is essential for both parties. I have been praying to Our Lady, patroness of Europe for a positive outcome. I hope you will join me.

Friday the 13th!

Friday 13th of every month is the time that Lady Bagot walks abroad! Where? Pype Hayes Hall, Erdington otherwise known as the House of Thirteen Gables. Lady Bagot who was probably Dorothy Arden has been seen drifting across the bowling green and staring out of one of an upstairs windows in the hall.


I am conscious that you may have not read my blog for a few weeks. It has been hard for us all with the corona virus and energy levels I guess haven't been too high and it is a challenge to fight lethargy. Anyway, here is the news! My book of ghost stories is finished … Continue reading Update!

Feast of Archangels.

Today, 29th September is the Feast day of the the Archangels. Although there are seven we celebrate today the wonders of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. I sent a "Happy Saint's Day" to all the people I know who bear those names. Celtic Christian tradition used to include St Uriel too.